Protocol of the working-group on the responsible use of technologies in a “Future Combat Air System” (FCAS).

Friday, 2 October 2020 09:00 to 16:00 (Berlin)

Agenda item 1: Welcome (Florian Keisinger, Wolfgang Koch)

Agenda item 2: Where do we stand with FCAS? Status update on the technology development (Thomas Grohs)

Photo of Thomas Grohs
Thomas Grohs
Chief Architect FCAS, Airbus Defence and Space

Agenda item 3: A strategic threat analysis for 2040 (Dr Bruno Kahl)

Photo of Bruno Kahl
Dr Bruno Kahl
Federal Intelligence Service, President

Discussion on agenda items 2 & 3:

Photo of Dr Ellen Ueberschär
Dr Ellen Ueberschär

Agenda item 4: Constructive conflict culture (Military Bishop Franz-Josef Overbeck)

Discussion on TOP 4:

Agenda item 5: Interim conclusion by Nora Bossong / discussion

Photo of Nora Bossong
Nora Bossong

Agenda item 6: Value-based Engineering for Ethics by Design (Sarah Spiekermann, University of Vienna)

Photo of Prof Dr Sarah Spiekermann
Prof Dr Sarah Spiekermann
University Vienna, Head of Institute for Information System and Society

Discussion on agenda item 6:

Agenda item 7: Man in the loop? Technical design for responsible use of an FCAS (Wolfgang Koch)

Photo of Professor Wolfgang Koch
Professor Wolfgang Koch
Chief Scientist, Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics FKIE

Discussion on agenda item 7:

Photo of General Ansgar Rieks
General Ansgar Rieks
Deputy Chief of the GE Air Forces

Agenda item 8: The European dimension of the dialogue - opportunities and challenges (John Reyels)

Discussion on agenda item 8:

Agenda item 9: Summary and next steps (Florian Keisinger & Wolfgang Koch)

Photo of Florian Keisinger
Florian Keisinger
Airbus, Campaign FCAS